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14 Oct


Homework Assignment No. 1 – Technique Tuesday


October 14, 2008: Homework Assignment No. 1

Top Student Wins a Global Knife

For this Technique Tuesday, we want you to put what you have learned to the test. You saw this coming; right? What is school without a little bit of homework? The most rewarding part of learning how to cook is when you actually find yourself starting to cook without a recipe…so let’s begin!

In many professional kitchens, chefs often have cooking competitions called “black box” competitions. During a set period of time, chefs must use one or more “mystery” ingredient(s) to cook a dish. If you have seen “Iron Chef” then you get the idea. This black box is a bit different.

For this homework assignment, we want you to create a recipe using some of the skills you’ve learned so far and enter it into our Test Kitchen. Any recipe can be submitted, however, there are a few guidelines.

For your homework to qualify, you must:

1. Copy and paste the following text into the “Notes” section at the bottom of your recipe. (Rouxbe Homework Assignment No. 1)

2. In the same “Notes” section, you must reference the lesson(s) used in each step of your recipe. For example:

3. Attach as many Drill-downs as possible to each step of your recipe.

4. All submitted recipes must have the ingredients, method and step photos entered.

5. Homework must be submitted by midnight, Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2008 (that means you have 2 full weeks).

All homework will be reviewed by Rouxbe chefs and the community. So, feel free to get your friends involved with voting.

The top student will be announced on Tuesday, November 4th. The top student will be graded on:

  • the amount of techniques incorporated or lesson materials used
  • the correct use of lesson material (e.g., don’t mix your cake batter for 10 minutes)
  • successful and tasty end results

The top student will receive a Global 7″ Knife.

You never know, your recipe might even become a supporting recipe for one of the cooking school lessons. It may even be made into a full video recipe. So get cooking and don’t procrastinate on your homework. You’ll be surprised at how much you have already learned!

Happy Cooking!

The Rouxbe Cooking School Team

p.s. Whether or not you choose to submit homework, this assignment will not affect your grade in the school. As with most homework, it’s all about applying what you have learned, so don’t get stressed out. Have fun cooking and creating without a recipe.

p.p.s. If you have any questions at all, go to the forum post for this lesson. We’re here to help!

23 Sep

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So you think you can toss?


Maybe you pride yourself on just how good you are at pan tossing. Why don’t you enter our contest and show us your best moves!

Contestants will be judged on the:

  • most creative pan toss
  • most unique location
  • funniest video

The first-place winner will receive an 11″-inch Viking Fry Pan (valued at $184.95 USD) plus a lifetime membership to Rouxbe (valued at $199.00 USD).

Five runner-ups will receive an annual membership (valued at $99.00 USD).

Make sure to upload your YouTube video response before October 21st, 2008. Just click on the link under the video “So you think you can toss?

27 May


Name that Cooking Sound?


As you may or may not know, cooking sounds are important indicators in cooking. The sound that an ingredient makes when it hits a frying pan can tell you right away if the pan is at the right temperature.

To become a great cook… you need to begin noticing what cooking ‘sounds’ like. To get you thinking about this, let’s see who can name the following sound:

Bragging rights are on the table. Who’s up with a guess? First one to guess the sound gets a Annual Premium Membership to Rouxbe.

PS Check back, we will post additional hints everyday.


Updated: 11:23am 05/27:
HINT 1: it is something that an Italian Nonna might use?.
(next hint at 5:00pm PST)

Updated: 2:10pm 05/27:

Thanks for playing the game….. and even though John Principe had three guesses, we’re happy to say that he picked the correct sound. It is from this recipe:

Sun-dried Tomato Sauce

And it is a “food mill” used to process the tomatoes. The preview shows the device and the full recipe will highlight the sound that was taken as is from the video.

Stay tuned for our next cooking challenge on Monday, June 2….